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December 24, 2012

Sparkle and Shine



Kathleen Clark

2012 ©

The galaxy was abuzz! Speculations ran high! All the stars, novae to ancient waited with great anticipation. The question had been tossed about for centuries. Who would the Lord of the Stars choose for this greatest of honors?

Generations of stars had formed, lived and burned out. . . waiting, waiting, till hope almost vanished. The answer hung in space and fell silently to earth like shooting stars.

The singular foreshadowed event was destined to change the course of history.

Light years away

A cosmic dance of dust, gas and debris mixed with a potpourri of interstellar elements, becoming a galaxy.

Spinning, dipping and swaying

the swirling particles formed a new star,

swaddled in an ethereal birth cloud.

As it rotated and wobbled awkwardly in mid space, a strong breeze caused it to pause. . .

Lightning streaked across the sky, and a thunderous sound shook the heavens.

Shine, an ancient, wise and benevolent Supernova, appeared bearing a message for the novae star:

“I’m honored to christen you. . . Sparkle.

“Welcome to our galaxy,

a place of joy and jubilation!

I bring you wonderful news.

Long ago it was foretold that a unique star with super radiant glow, would form and be sent to a faraway universe, to shower it with rays of light.

Yet unknown among her celestial peers, the little star felt humbled;

elated, ecstatic, she leapt, pirouetted. . .

Sparkle shook herself.

“What. . . who do you mean?”

Sparkle. . . you’ve been chosen

to accompany angels and archangels

on a journey, where the Sun and Moon

light the planet Earth.

There, you will glow in splendor and glory.

“But. . . why me?”

“You’re so much wiser, you’re a Patriarch. . . Shine, you should be the chosen one!”

“Please, don’t fear, Sparkle,” Shine reassured her. My essence will always follow you, guiding, lighting the way.”

“So, what is this heaven shattering event? Where on this planet Earth am I going?”

“You will journey to the Milky Way, Earth’s Galaxy. There on the outskirts of a small mid-eastern town, known as Bethlehem of Judea, you will shine upon the birth of the Lord Jehovah’s son, Jesus. The child is the destined Savior of mankind.”

Sparkle didn’t quite understand what a Savior was or who needed him, but she trusted Shine, even though they had just met. Surrounding clusters of stars cheered and rejoiced, erupting in a thunderous celebration.

This amazing revelation left her speechless. Slowly, Sparkle found her voice.

“Ohhh. . . I’m soooo honored,” she whispered. Tiny silver sparkles shot from her edges.

“Surely you see how wise the Lord of the Stars, for the pattern originates in heaven, then repeats on earth. . .

“and a little child shall lead them. . .”

Isaiah 11:6

Kathleen Clark – 2012 ©



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