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November 22, 2007


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—written by Carolyn C. Holland
A decade ago our family ate “leftover” Turkey the day after Thanksgiving. Nothing unusual, you might say. However, this leftover turkey never made it to the oven on Thanksgiving Day. As I was preparing it, my husband Monte and I received a phone call that caused us to return the turkey to the refrigerator, get in our car and drive forty-five minutes to a hospital in an adjacent county.
We spent the holiday sitting in the family waiting room of the Westmoreland Hospital maternity ward. While there, we gratefully satisfied ourselves with meager Thanksgiving Day trappings in the hospital cafeteria, and even unsuccessfully tried to locate an open store for some better fixings.
For a month we had been on “maternity call.” Every activity we planned had the preface, “If we don’t get the call, we will be there—but if we do get the call, we won’t make it to” the engagement.
Grandparents understand this.
“The” call came on Thanksgiving Day. Our daughter, Sandra, and her husband, Greg, were expecting our first grandchild to arrive. We waited for the birth with the other set of grandparents.
While at the hospital, I reminisced about another time, when another food was put aside for a baby’s arrival… (more…)