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June 25, 2011

Goodbye, Bob Sanzi



Nancy Beaufort

Today, June 23, 2010, I said goodbye to my best friend.

     Bob and I were together for over seven years, longer than many marriages last. It started with an invitation to dinner and blossomed slowly into a deep bond.

     He and I shared many adventures. He took me to sprint car races, drag races and flat-track dirt bike races. We visited Watkins Glen and climbed up through the Glen, then retraced the old road race course. We packed his bike and rode it to Arlington, Texas, to meet up with the folks he rode with while he lived and worked there. We put another thousand miles on the bike before we made the return trip to Latrobe. We explored a bog near Wilmington, North Carolina in search of carnivorous plants. We rode the train to (more…)