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February 14, 2008


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This poem represents “the ties that bind.” It was written by Linda to my daughter in 1985. And Linda is the mother of Emily, a long-distance member of the Beanery Writers Group. This poem will be filed in Emily’s folder, WR/V EMILY at this site, the Beanery Online Literary Magazine Vol. 2, where you can read Emily’s submissions.


To view illustrations for this story, pictures of my daughter at age 13 and Emily at age 5, click on and scroll down.

—written by Linda

I belong to my family as they do to me
There’s an ultimate love there I’ll sometimes not see.
There’s going to be things I won’t understand,
But I know they love me and I’m in good hands.
There will be times when we all disagree
But I know they’re there to protect and guide me.
They love me more than any one will
As I’ll realize when I pay my own bills.
As I diaper
my baby and feed him each day
I’ll care for and love him the very same way.