Beanery Online Literary Magazine

February 25, 2010

Wildlife Wonders



Kathleen Clark

     “Where shall we go this weekend?” My mother would ask. Dad would raise one quizzical eyebrow, and I’d wonder whether she was planning an educational or a recreational trip.

     “Someplace new or someplace we’ve already been?” I’d ask.

     Yep, my mom’s responsible for turning me into a “wild child.” She steered me ‘off the beaten path” just far enough, so that I enjoy spending a Sunday morning gazing out my two by four foot porch into the lush green growth, admiring the birds and blooming buds, much more than sitting in the plushest pew in the finest church.

     At least once a month we packed a picnic lunch and headed down the highway to explore local places of interest—Falling Water, Powdermill Nature Reserve, the Flagship Hotel or Busy Run Battlefield. If mom was in a recreational mood, we’d grab our (more…)