Beanery Online Literary Magazine

March 12, 2011

Lost in My Pasta



Mark Sliwa

     We did the unthinkable. My wife and I showed up without a reservation at a popular restaurant at five minutes before seven on a Saturday night. Now everybody knows that 7:00 pm is the witching hour of chaos at any dining establishment on a weekend evening. 

     The destination was Turillo’s Steak House on top of the mountain and the weather was poor. Snow, ice, and a blanket of fog guided the way to the summit. I had selfish thoughts that less people would be on the road, meaning upon our arrival for dinner we would be treated as unexpected royalty; or at least as royal as the small mountain village of Jennerstown would allow. 

     Pulling up to the restaurant, I spied human shadows against the windows by the front entrance. Didn’t these people know we were coming? How dare they!

     Nonetheless, we were prepared. Anticipating the clogged cattle stall in the lobby, we brought (more…)