Beanery Online Literary Magazine

January 24, 2008

THE ART OF THE INTERVIEW: Things Writers Should Know

Although most writers are familiar with interviewing techniques, reviewing them is a good reminder. Our topic for the January 25, 2008, Beanery Writers Group meeting was just that—a review of some of the characteristics of a good interview. —written by Carolyn C. Holland

While writing for the Fay-West, my editor asked me to do an article on Bob and his retirement. When we met at a local fast food restaurant, we sat down and began talking—that is, I began talking. He remained mute. I soon realized that he wasn’t going to talk, much less answer any questions I might have for him.

I recalled an adoption home-study I while working for an adoption agency. The couple was petrified. I understood—to them, I had the power to determine their future. When I realized they weren’t going to cooperate in the interview, I made a difficult decision. I broke an interview rule and my “professionalism,” by sharing my personal story, since at the time, my adoption application was being investigated by a different agency in the county in which I lived. (more…)