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October 7, 2009

AT FORT LIGONIER: Excerpt from book, WARPATH



An excerpt from WARPATH

Charles R. Martin & Sara Mitchell Martin

An excerpt from the book WARPATH, a self-published historical novel set in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

     When the French and Indian war ended in 1763 with the Treaty of Paris, John Martin heard that some of the Ohio Indians were coming to Fort Ligonier to discuss treaties. He was already in Bedford Village and decided to go, without hesitation, to the fort. It was some days hike away, but he arrived in time to see that there were Delaware Indians present. Fort Ligonier was large and strong and well manned. The Indians were camped a half mile away, having teepees and horses.

     After first making himself known to the red-coated soldiers at the Fort, John asked the soldier who seemed most in charge if he knew the Indians.

     “Yes. They have been coming around lately, being fairly friendly. We give them what we can of our stores to try to build some sort of relationship. Do you talk Indian?”

     “Well, I used to be able to make myself understood. That was a while back. They took my family: my wife and five of my children.”

     “I am sorry to hear about that. Did you get any back yet?”

     “Yes, my wife, she is just an incredible person. She made her way back with the youngest, a little girl. They had quite an adventure. The Indians still have (more…)

September 21, 2009

Destination: Ligonier (PA)



Sally Shirey

     It is difficult to trace the growth of the hospitality industry in the Ligonier Valley without noting the attendant development of transportation across the region as well.

     The Ligonier Valley was the first stopping place west of the Allegheny Mountains for settlers seeking new lives after the defeat of the French in 1758.  Those earliest pioneers followed the primitive Forbes Road, rough and barely wide enough for their wagons.  Settlements and towns first developed near (more…)