Beanery Online Literary Magazine

December 12, 2007


—written by Carolyn C. Holland

Where can new (and established) writers submit articles, create a portfolio, and read the works of other writers? In the BEANERY ONLINE LITERARY MAGAZINE! Submissions can be E-mailed to with the word “submission” included in the address line.

To receive a sample issue of the Beanery Writers Newsletter, E-mail Be sure to type the words “NEWSLETTER SAMPLE” in the subject line. The sample will provide directions on subscribing to the newsletter.

The Beanery Online Literary Magazine (BOLM) is a publication of the Beanery Writers Group in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The group is small, eclectic and not afraid to wade in new waters.

Publication of an online literary magazine distinguishes the Beanery Writers Group from the numerous other writing groups in Westmoreland County (Southwestern Pennsylvania). We are often asked why we began the BOLM, how we chose its blog format, and what challenges we faced in the process.

At writing conferences, and in my online exploration of material for meeting “lessons,” a consistent message kept emerging: WEBSITES are a “necessity” for writers. It was a message I believed our fledgling writers group needed to explore. (more…)