Beanery Online Literary Magazine

May 14, 2008


—written by Fran

Being a caretaker for a loved one is challenging, life-changing and a lesson in finding joy in the simple things. It is riddled with medical crises, often accented by runs to the emergency room. Below is a page from Fran’s journal—written on a particularly calm day, March 31, 2007.

5:00 Saturday morning….  Time to get up, BC (our cat) has the insane idea she is hungry and now is the only time that will work for her!!

5:20 – Coffee, hot, creamy, and absolutely divine….I am now awake and going.

6:30 – All showered and ready for the day.  Time to check on Jim, get him his first of the 35 pills he takes each day.

7:30 – Help Jim get dressed, he decides on breakfast, we eat.  It’s a pleasant time to “chat”.  No (more…)