Beanery Online Literary Magazine

June 3, 2010

Blogsite or a Website: What’s the difference?



    What’s the difference between a blogsite and a website?

     This question was raised at the Beanery Writers Group (Latrobe, PA) meeting in early May. It is a significant question, because the group’s unique project is publishing the Beanery Online Literary Magazine ( ).

     Being computer illiterate, I had to plead ignorance of the answer. I held the impression that blogs were easier and cost less.

     To answer the question, I plugged it into the search engine.

     Examining various sites made me feel better about being unable to define the differences. …since the differences have become increasingly blurred for many bloggers and users*— the difference…is steadily vanishing. These channels are definitely converging.*** there are shades of gray.##

     Initially blogs, a condensation of the word “weblog,” were viewed as a web log or online diary… a place where a blogger can generate a log of interesting personal comment and intimate details and information about a particular niche subject or topic * Today, although many blogs continue to be personal ramblings about daily life,that is only one aspect of the blogosphere – and a fairly trivial one at that.***Currently, blogs range (more…)