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May 29, 2008

DAVID Part 1 of a 10 Part Romance Story

—written by Jane   Jane is a long-distance member of the Beanery Writers Group. Below is part one of a ten-part romance story she submitted to the BEANERY ONLINE LITERARY MAGAZINE. The remaining segments will be posted on this site each Wednesday evening for the next nine weeks. Segments will be filed in the category WR/V JANE
It started out being a cool fall day in October. I put on a wool coat with a sweater underneath. I could take the coat off if it got warmer. The weatherman had predicted sunshine, with a light wind. Getting in my car I finally had a destination in mind—a small art community in Canada with galleries in Victorian homes. It was a rather wealthy community. I can’t imagine (more…)

May 11, 2008


—written by Jane

My little girl, she struggled so. Her tiny form, on a flat bed with lights glaring, had more wires and tubes than there was a child. Her skin was so thin that it was translucent.

I started weeping the first time I saw her. I was sewn together like a chopped up (more…)

March 19, 2008


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We walked down Parkside Avenue, away from my house and towards the lights of the other young people. We walked toward whichever one of the bars would catch our attention that night. We held hands. Lord, how his smile (more…)

December 7, 2007


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—written by Jane R. Lipsius

Keep this vigil with me love.
You understand I can’t last long
and all I want to say is
I love you

Can you feel me in your arms?
You’re holding my final breath tight
inside me. Protecting the breath
that holds us together.

And I’m not afraid
can you hear me?
I know you hear me
I can taste your tears

My whispers now a thought
Can you hear me?
The journey starts
you say sleep tight

don’t be afraid.
I hear you calling me
calling me
as you slowly disappear…

November 27, 2007


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The Musician
—written by Jane Driver

The woman laid in the leaves of fall.
Daylight sun shining down upon her, her soul as parched as the dried leaves.
His music came as a sparkling creek, weaving around her.
Quenching her and bringing life to the sleeping.
Filling her until it overflowed in tears.
Her eyes opened and shone with the music.
The woman rose and, arms wrapped around herself, she slowly turned into the sun.
Turning a circle the music opened her arms to the world.
The wind and leaves blowing about her she felt the touch of God within her.
Seeing him in the distance she approached the musician.
Palms touching, he filled her with his talent.
He watched his music brought to life in her laughter and tears,
The woman danced under the starlight, eyes shining.
She had seen the Face of God.
She had felt the Grace of God.
She danced, her soul shining with the music’s light.
He never knew how his music enchanted her.
He only felt the music that he made.

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