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October 17, 2012

The Power of Dust

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Diana Hunt

    Listen up!

Yoo-hoo, out there!

Turn off your stereos, televisions, vacuum cleaners, and any other magnetic dust attracting devices you may have on right now and read this for a moment. Take a breather, as they say.

Do you like to laugh? How about at something you take seriously when you find out that it isn’t as serious as you think?  You would be laughing at yourself then, wouldn’t you? Well, in this case, you would be laughing at most of the industrialized world.


I’ve always wondered why such tiny particles of next to nothing, accumulating out of seemingly nowhere and landing on everything, anger everyone in such little time. Is there no way to avoid the frustrating accumulation of dust? Maybe, if you cover everything.

The average American doesn’t like to hide from dust, or grime or dirt either. We are warriors and filth is THE ENEMY! Once upon a time, feather dusters and rags were enough to clean a home. Now there are special floral and citrus sprays to blitz and spritz the “bleepity-bleep” out of no flight zones in your bathrooms.

Those sweet-smelling cleaners are deadly! Read the directions, please. Pets and children are at risk constantly when they are on the rugs and newly scrubbed floors. There may be a link between household cleaners and autism.

Housekeeping tools have changed, in order to make housecleaning less of a chore and more of an adventure. Flirtatious futuristic mops coyly coax hidden virus-laden demons. Dusters that resemble a lemur’s tail, without the pretty striping, sweep the thickest dust like fuzzy magnets. Even vacuum cleaners come in different sizes and colors to fit the owner’s whim. Mine is a luscious lollipop purple.

I like to think that (by my ignoring dust) I give spiderlings a home when they leave their mommy. They take up with kitchen dust bunnies underneath the fridge, tie them down with webbing and VOILA!  a free, eco-friendly, bug trap. No Fuss.  No Muss.  Clean ‘em out once a year, Or better yet, never.   Someone should market this idea.

But, we live in outer space. Our planet collides with things every single day. Things such as meteorites, meteors, and other space junk come into our orbit and fall to Earth every single day. Thank goodness a lot of it doesn’t hit homes or crack the average human cranium.

Actually, that’s not funny, because all those rocks and boulders in orbit around Saturn are considered “space dust.” Like I said, we do get some of it, in different sizes, every day falling to Earth. A lot of it has precious stuff in it, like GOLD!

Our water is said to have come from meteors, too.  Without water we wouldn’t and couldn’t be here.

Meanwhile here on our home planet: did you know that while we sweep all that irritating heaven sent dust, we are moving around the sun at 6,700 miles an hour and spinning like a top at just over a dizzying thousand miles an hour! We also move with the sun around the center of our galaxy through space, so we travel about a million miles a day. And you complain about never going on exotic vacations!!

Really, REALLY think about how amazing our existence is. Our dear blue planet is gathering more cosmic fluff to add to her matronly middle. No wonder we collect dust! And don’t forget the most important part: the planets are made of space dust, so be gentle with Mother Earth when you sweep, cuz she ain’t getting any younger.

Yes, all you out there who think that the Earth revolves around you…


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