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March 29, 2011

DAVID: Part 10 of a 10 Part Romance Story


DAVID Part 10 of a 10 Part Romance Story



This is Part 10 of a ten-part romance story, David. Each Wednesday evening a part of the story is being posted.  Writer Jane is a long-distance member of the Beanery Writers Group, participating via the Beanery Online Literary Magazine. To start at the beginning of this story click on: DAVID Part 1 of a 10 Part Romance Story  


     The days flew by for us, and I have to admit it was much better spending my time with David than it was at work. Most of the time I stayed the night at my “suite” at his home, rather than the long drive home. Who am I kidding! It wasn’t the drive home that kept me there.

     With “The Event of the Century” under control, and with me confident that our guests would be well taken care of there was a little more time to relax and just enjoy the approaching winter. There was also the Thanksgiving feast to prepare for. David’s mother would be coming up from Texas to prepare the meal. This was her tradition and I didn’t mind one bit not having that to contend with.

     Every morning we would take his two dogs out running, and usually go to the stables down the hill at the back of the house. He kept a black stallion named Satan in there, and we would let Satan out to walk, and later run. Sometimes David rode him. I would watch and my breath would catch in my throat. What a beautiful site it was.

     As Thanksgiving neared, his family began to arrive and the house became full of sounds. The kitchen more often than not was the meeting place in their morning, and everyone would discuss their plans for the day. No matter what the plans, we always met for dinner. It was a formal and festive occasion, and more of a reason to buy pretty clothes!
     After the dinners David and I would usually go off to my rooms. We’d sit in front of the fireplace and talk, hold hands, and often listen to music. We still had to have that darn song for our first dance, and nothing ever came out sounding just perfect.

     The evening before Thanksgiving I told him that I didn’t want to try to pick out a song that night. I just wanted to be with him and put on some of my CD’s that I had brought with me. Just some happy music, and just the two of us. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, the talking or the silent times in between, when we communicated without words.
I loaded up the CD player and we sat, he signing and me talking about our plans after December 21st. We were still talking about it an hour later. I was telling him about the volunteer work I’d like to get involved with.

     His hand suddenly flew up and clamped over my mouth. His face was intent and then in a moment he signed: “That’s it! That’s the song!”

     He went over to the player and put it on again. It was Enrique singing “Hero”. He pulled me up to dance and I felt the love flowing through him as he felt every word of the song. I had goose-bumps as I listened. He kissed me at the end of it. Yes, that was the song. He played it over and over as we slowly melted into the couch.

     The next morning, Thanksgiving, we went to the kitchen, full of the smells of turkey and ham baking. Breakfast seemed a poor substitute for what was ahead of us. Others came in and the happy chatter started. They were grinning at us! I felt myself flaming red. They knew! How did they know that David had spent the night in my room? No one had said anything. Then I turned and saw David behind me, grinning, his chest puffed up.
I gave him a playful smack on the arm.

     “David, you put that chest back down where it belongs or I will tell them all what a boring lover you really are!”

     The room burst into laughter and I felt his arms go around me. With an over exaggerated look of horror on his face he covered my mouth.

     After eating we took the dogs out for their usual walk. They ran and played in front of us, racing to the stables. Satan was waiting for us, bobbing his head and snorting and anxious to get out. David did his usual task of getting this beautiful monster saddled up, and then we walked him out and down into a path in the woods. The dogs ran ahead, stirring up dead dry leaves, and playing tag. The morning sun shone through the bare trees with only the most tenacious leaves left fluttering on them. We snuggled and walked, our plumes of breath mixing with Satan’s and going off behind us. Life was good.

     The dogs turned back towards us, nipping at each other’s legs and continuing their game of tag, heedless of anything around them. Too late I saw them race straight towards Satan. I felt myself being picked up and thrown off into the trees. The world slowed down as I watched Satan rearing up on his hind legs, front hooves clawing at the sky. David trying frantically to reign him in.

     The sound of twigs snapping. The smell of dirt and leaves pluming up from the ground. And slower and slower the world went as I saw Satan coming down, David’s head flying back, Satan’s hooves crashing into his collarbone and ribs. Slower and slower David crashed to the ground, gracefully and bonelessly, as Satan’s weight crashed down upon him. I was reaching and clawing and crawling, trying to get back to him, and time stood still.

     I was sitting on the ground singing…. No matter where you go I will find you. I looked around and my cell phone was in my hand, a voice coming over it. David’s head in my lap, blood running from his mouth and my tears streaking it down to my legs. Blood from his ears…… No matter where you go I will find you. Was that me singing? I watched his lips turn bluer and bluer, as the sounds of shouts and running feet came up behind me.


This concludes the ten-part romance story written by Jane. The Beanery writers hope you enjoyed reading it. We welcome your comments.

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