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September 11, 2010



Cathi Rhodes posted the following poem in the comments box at the end of FLIGHT 93 CRASH SITE MEMORIAL posted on . I took the liberty of posting it in the Beanery Online Literary Magazine.  Carolyn

You have to understand that at the time, I lived in the peaceful country in Stahlstown, not far from Shanksville. I quite often admired the open sky and used my telescope frequently. On this particular night, I was so moved that I HAD to write, as a catharsis, to help me deal with this tragedy. This is my poem.


Cathi Rhodes

The sky is quiet…and eerie…and still.

Only the stars give their light

For the innocent and uncounted souls

That ascended to Heaven before night.

A world in shock of a nation’s attack

Finds it so hard to believe

That evil (more…)