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July 28, 2010

The Chicken Soup Myth




     A long time ago in an enchanted forest of Africa, there were many different types of animals that lived among one another. They included hippos, giraffes, chickens, frogs, snakes, zebras, goats, and lions. Every animal was caring and lived happily because they were helpful to one another. Every animal but the chickens at least. The chickens held a grudge because the tree frogs were chosen as the leaders of the forest.

     One cold winter night, a new baby zebra was born among them. Every animal danced in rejoice for the new addition. There was going to be a celebration and a feast to honor the zebras, so each animal group was assigned a certain thing to bring to the feast. The hippos were in charge of bringing the big black cooking pot for the feast soup, the giraffes were to bring decorations, the snakes were in charge of spreading the news, the goats were to bring coats to keep everyone warm, the lions’ jobs were entertainment, the frogs made sure everyone did their job, and the chickens were to bring the soup ingredients.

     Each animal group arrived at the celebration feast with what they were responsible for, but the chickens were nowhere to be found. After hours, it seemed, of searching and waiting on the chickens, the snakes found them far off rebelling because the tree frogs still ruled. They refused to bring ingredients to the celebration, so the tree frogs demanded, “They can be our soup ingredients!” All of the animals agreed and the chickens were thrown into the black cooking pot, and that’s how chicken noodle soup came to be.

     This myth was upgraded by a later generation who added the noodles, but the main story remains the same. The event became a lesson to every animal that didn’t commit to his or her responsibilities.



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  1. I love this story each time I read it! It is so creative and entertaining. I am so proud of you Miranda!

    Comment by Haven Reece — August 1, 2010 @ 8:20 pm | Reply

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