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July 21, 2010

Haven Reece Bio



Haven Reece

     Haven Reece, 41 years old, lives in Alabama. She sent me the following profile:

     I grew up on a small farm in town called Margaret, Alabama. If you are looking for it, please don’t blink or you will miss it! ha ha! It’s that small.

     I’m married to my best friend and soul mate. He is a successful business man and I am a stay-at-home mom and a substitute teacher, as well as an active volunteer in many areas. 

     There was a time in my life when I never dreamed I would have the life I have now. Years ago, I was in an abusive marriage. My oldest three children were born during that time. When I eventually found the courage to escape, I finally allowed myself to dream of a better life. When I remarried, my husband adopted my three children. He is the only father they have ever known. He and I were also blessed with two more children together.

     God is good. I am a born again Christian and thank God every day for the life he has blessed me with and for each day that follows.

     I’ve always been a writer, throughout my life, even as a child. My mother is an author with two books published, and a few self-published books.     

     I focused on writing poetry through my teenage years, although I also wrote some short stories. For many years I didn’t write, as my life changed and I started a family. While returning to writing in the past couple of years, I wondered why I ever stopped. Writing is such a “freeing” experience for me—I love to occasionally “escape” the “busy-ness” of life and let my imagination take me to a new place and time. In those moments I truly enjoy creating a story. It’s like therapy to me at times. And if someone likes it or it helps them, I am honored. 

     My writing is not limited to just one area. I write wherever my soul takes me that day. Being a survivor of domestic violence has given me the insight to express those emotions in some of my writing. I’ve been able to use my writing as therapy, at various times through the years, in order work through a lot of those experiences. But I like to express my wide imagination in fantasy, suspense, poetry, and some children’s stories.

     I’m not a college graduate and I do not possess the years of study that professional writers have under their belt. I guess by reading my writing, you probably noticed that! But I’m working on my confidence and trying not to dwell on my lack of training.

     I will not “jabber” on any longer or this email will become a biography! Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate you allowing me to send in my work and your publishing it in the Beanery Online Literary Magazine, or just simply critiquing it for me so I can work on my writing skills. I am excited about becoming a long-distance member of “The Beanery” Writers Group, and hope that my contributions are helpful.

     I hope the Beanery Online Literary Magazine will receive continuing submissions from Haven.






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