Beanery Online Literary Magazine

March 31, 2010




Haven Reece

      April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

     Many women choose to remain in violently abusive situations because they consider it is best for the children to have two parents. However, what must be considered, is the effect of domestic violence on such children. Watching, listening, hearing, the abuse can be just as damaging to some children as being their being the targets of the violence.

     Do you think that April’s children were unaware of the violence in the following situation? How do you think it affected them?

Domestic violence injury following a spousal assault.

     The first hit was unbearable. Each time she knew a beating was coming, April believed that it could be no worse than the one before…and she was always wrong. She heard her neck pop as her head was thrown to the side by his fist. She saw her blood fly across the room and splatter across the kitchen wall.

     “I’ll have to be sure and clean that up,” April thought, “before the kids wake up in the morning.” It was the routine. The same “to-do” list came with each punishment.

     She would try and leave the moment and allow herself to travel somewhere far away until it was over. While there, she would go over each item on the list that had to be completed in order to hide the truth from the world and to protect her children. Today’s list would have to include (more…)