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December 5, 2009

Ligonier (PA)



Words and music by Joe F. Stierheim

Joe is a writer of many genres. Below is a song he wrote about Ligonier, PA, his town of residence. He brought the piece to the Beanery Writers Group and Ligonier’s Mello Mike night. At each event people joined in singing the lilt of the chorus. At the end are some Christmas verses.

Ligonier, Ligonier, whether I’m far or near
I’m so happy to say my home is Ligonier.

I love to see the mountains in the morning sun.
I love to see them once again when the day is done.
No matter where I wander no matter where I roam
Since I live in Ligonier I’m happy to come back home.


No matter where I wander on the land or over the sea
My home here in the valley is never far from me.
The fragrance of the laurel the ripple of the stream
Are ever in my memory ever in my dreams.


My home here in the valley is the place that’s right for me
And whenever I have to leave it I do it regretfully.
But then I hurry back again as quickly as can be.
It’s ever so nice to be home again can anyone disagree?


Now everyone wants to be happy it’s a thing they hold so dear.
It’s easier to be happy when you live in Ligonier.
We all seek after riches pursue them up and down.
It’s nice to realize we have a diamond in our town.



The Christmas tree in the Diamond is a beautiful sight to see
And carols drifting in the air make heavenly harmony
People greet each other as they wander up and down
There’s nothing quite so wonderful as Christmas in our town.


In the streets of Ligonier the lights are all aglow
Wreaths are hanging on every door with holly and mistletoe
With a hearty “Merry Christmas” in this season of love and cheer
That’s the way we welcome you in the town of Ligonier.




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