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September 8, 2009

Varying Bottles of Wine Part 2

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Peggy Jo Farr

This is a continuing story by Beanery Writers Group member, Peggy Jo. To read the first part, click on Varying Bottles of Wine.

      Change is not always easy for everyone, but I manage to land on my feet like a cat. Richard and I got married the same day we graduated from Princeton University, he with a Law degree and I with an Education degree. We honeymooned our way across the United States in a U-haul moving truck as we headed for Los Angles, California.

      I remember moving here from New Jersey with a slight accent working hard to remove it by taking voice lessons. Who knew it would lead to other things. I started out in the church choir because my voice coach was the choir director. Then I was hired to sing at weddings. Next thing you know, I am working for MGM studio as a ‘property voice.’ Wow! One little change and an entire new world opened up before me.

      Becoming a Hollywood insider, was not my intention. It was a by product of working for a studio and living in the hills of Hollywood. Hollywood Hills is an interesting place to live. It is where my husband and I lived when we first moved to California. Back then it was the back lot of LA. Now it is simple known as ‘The Hills’ and resembles nothing of the barren place it once was in the fifties. If you find a cute bungalow, you have found a treasure from those early days.

      When the skyscrapers started to block the view we moved to the beach. We lived at the beach for a year, but even at the beach started to become crowded. We decided to move to Napa, bought some property and settled into country life.

      The drive from ‘The Hills’ to Napa at first is not bad. It just becomes longer and longer as time goes by. At first it is an adventure, then a challenge. Now we have a condo in the ‘Commons’ we use during the week and a house in Napa for long weekend getaways. We aren’t as young as we use to be, but we have managed to work things out advantageously.

Return to the Beanery Online Literary Magazine to read more of this story, Varying Bottles of Wine.


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