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August 8, 2009


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Diana R. Hunt

 My Muse strolls by the rivers of my mind

she returns from her holiday,

carrying a wondrous something for me;

the sepia then meets the parchment,

from the quill the words do flow;

wishes, memories, observations and dreams,

gathered together lovingly,

to be shared with the world as a quiet song.


Bookshelves of Conscious

Moose, Goose, Deer

Two Haikus: A Summer Day & Night Sky

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  1. Well done Diana. I gather your muse has traveled through a quiet wood. Mine has walked through a terrifying dark and dangerous forest. The light is barely visible and the scars and wounds are not healing well. There are wolves among the gentle creatures and sometimes it is difficult to know who is whom. With time however, even the wolves show their teeth and the glint in there eye is more than mischief. May they not tear you to shreds for their own sport. Stay the wooded path, meadow, and mountain be wary of the dark forest. May your muse continue to speak of wishes, memories, observations and dreams in loving tones and not lose her voice to terror.
    Peggy Jo

    Comment by Peggy Jo — August 8, 2009 @ 1:58 am | Reply

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