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April 2, 2009

Bookshelves of Conscious

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Becoming or the “Habit of Being,”
“Breathing Lessons.” Is this an “Oddyssey?”
Living and writing “Letters to a Young Poet”
has become a Philosophy. Did “Abraham” know
of the “Dimensions of Poetry?”
How does English work?
Am I literate yet?
Maybe I should read more.
Has my “American Childhood” jettisoned
me into “The Ordeal of Change?”
Is this Love’s logic, which Spurgeon speaks?
How can one give his “Utmost for His Highest”
when he/she is only a “Singular Person?”
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How many are Literate in “A pretty how town?”
and, really,  is a “Good Man Hard to Find?” Will
“Gilgamesh” ever conquer the “Sword and Womankind?”
Does Webster know we have the “Write to Learn?”
As the “Pendulum” swings, does the “Literature
Of the New Testament” filter through us
“Till We Have Faces?”
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The “Leaves of Grass” beside the “Quran”
are waiting for “The Long Lonliness.”
Bedford knows of “The Awakening
and “The Language of the Heart.”
Might he be “The Prophet?”
Read more?
“Rights and the Common Good” can be learned
in Spanish, in the car, “Bird by Bird” while
“Drinking With Dickens.” 
Can the “Blue Highways” and the “Yellow Wall Paper”
signify literacy?
Read on!
My “Roots” are merely “A (more…)