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March 6, 2009

Path to Peace


PATH TO PEACE  Path to Peace


     Let me live to raise my five children, I pleaded with God. Let me find peace, I prayed. Only twenty-nine, I was shocked to find that Hodgkin’s disease had invaded my body. I felt I was too young to die. I thought no one could raise my children as well as I. “At least let me live until my eldest could help the little ones and my youngest could remember to brush his teeth,” I prayed.
     Little things surfaced, hit me in the face. I took delight in the rising sun, the distinctive smell of rain, the beauty and aroma of rose petals, the smell of fresh cut grass, the fortitude of old maples, the magnificent blending of pinks and violets in the sunset over Lake Erie, and my children’s smiles bright and wide. All these things became (more…)