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January 5, 2009


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Erin York

Guest contributor Erin York, 19, is currently writing and attending. Her dreams of being published first came to fruition at age 14, and since then, her work has been published online and in print in literary magazines such as The Rogue Poetry Review, Chanterelle’s Notebook, New Wine, A Gathering of Birds, and others. She hopes to finish her undergraduate studies and publish a book in the next three years.

     Shadows hung, suspended in the balmy night air. There was no breeze; the only movement, if it could be called that, was the pulse of the heat. Thud, thud, thud, the night had a heartbeat. The red and blue twilight morphed into night, and suddenly the shadows were snuffed out.
     Blackness, there was nothing more. No moon or gleam of starlight dared twinkle and shine. The blackness was like (more…)