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October 17, 2008




A Guy’s Version

The Photodoctor


Ladies do you ever
wonder what goes
through a guys mind?

Where Do You Meet?
at church
in a bar
during a walk
shopping for groceries
at the gym
at the bookstore
while getting coffee
heaven forbid, on the net
or introduced by a friend

What Do You Say?
don’t I know you
gee you’re pretty
do you come here a lot
where are the organics
isn’t exercise fun
gee I like that author too
is skim better in decaf
want to cyber chat
I asked her to do this but

What Am You Looking For?
someone to go out with
someone to bike with
someone to go to the club with
someone to go to a restaurant with
just someone to do things with
really, just someone to share time with

What’s That Dream About?
we walk
we talk
we laugh
we share some snacks
a bottle of wine
as we sit and watch
the sun go down
she looks at me and smile
we kiss

Of Course You Know That Is Just A Dream?
Yes, I know

What Answer Do You Get Back?
I just don’t know
I just ended a bad relationship
I am set in my ways
I am way to self-centered
I just don’t have time

What Do You Say Back?
Ok, when you feel like it
Ok, when you have time
well, consider me

What Do You Really Want To Say?
is a couple dates so difficult?
don’t you want to shake off the dust and live?
is your cat better company than me?
do I really look like an Axe Murderer?

What Happens?
you check your e-mail
you check you answering service
you check your voice mail

What Do You Have To Offer?
the funny experiences of a lifetime
a calm and understanding demeanor
a slowed down life style
nerves that don’t get strained
lots of interesting places to visit
a couple very interesting hobbies to share

What Do You Want To Offer?
friendship & love
trust & respect
faith & hope

What Ever Happens?
some return your smile
some promise to call
once in a while one says yes
Then it happens
do I talk about music?
might she have an iPod?
would she talk about politics?
what about sports?
what about religion?
No—just sit and listen to her
headache from concentrating
do I kiss her good night?
will she say yes to a second date?

Do You Have Any Closing Remarks?
going to re-read Dr. Laura’s book again
and get flowers for the second date
Oh, My!!!






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  1. Men in fifties are too self-centered and
    I wish mine would bring me flowers on a second date… 😦

    Comment by Gula — October 17, 2008 @ 7:50 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks for making me smile :). I want flowers on the first date, a fire in the fireplace and laughter in the kitchen on the second, and holding hands and giggling on the third. If we get to the third date…creativity can take over and even an everyday thing, like a trip to the library, can be fun making one smile across a room.

    Comment by Peggy Jo — October 19, 2008 @ 4:12 pm | Reply

  3. I could counter your remark by saying “Ladies who date men in their fifties are way to self-absorbed and they only long for carbon copies of men from the soup operas”, but what i should say is there are many a man like me, who still want to trust and respect the lady they go out with.

    My idea …… when writing this was not to pimp myself out, but I am single, and depending on the chatter or flirting before the first date, I usually bring flowers as a thank you for the first date.

    If this is not happening too you then you need to rethink who or what class of guy you are …….. trying to date.

    I was raised right … resect ladies. Gee …. now I sound like Dr. Laura…. Oh My!

    Comment by The Photodoctor — October 19, 2008 @ 11:10 pm | Reply

  4. I was paying you a compliment. I have always dated mature men who have a creative fun streak in them. Having been in love before it is possible to love again. I pray you find that authentic person to share life with.

    Comment by Peggy Jo — October 20, 2008 @ 11:38 pm | Reply

  5. Peggy Jo ……..I am glad I made you laugh! (The previous comment was poking fun at Gula, in her first comment, not you. Yes it is better to smile and laugh your way through situations than to be stern and get hurt feelings. Words are just words….. but for some reason I decided to write down my thoughts on dating….. after dating allot in my 30-later 40’s but of late I have lost interest in “The Game That Has To Be Played.” (aka The real meaning of the story above.) I have submitted seven more ….. mostly autobiographical writing, but nothing as controversial as this one. My hope is …… that my words written in my photo related articles or scribbled down in these little stories, help other and yes like you make them laugh.

    But on the other hand yes I am very single and ….. looking for a special someone to spend time with so all you Beaneriers or Beanery Babies…. (now that is funny) tell all your late 40 or early 50’s single female friends to e-mail me at Now all joking aside ….. How sad is that begging for a date on a Blog. Geee I really do need help.

    Glad I made you laugh…….

    Comment by The Photodoctor — October 21, 2008 @ 12:32 am | Reply

  6. Photodoctor—you crack me up! Thanks for the time you spent helping me out. Now, for all the single women interested in photography, Kern will be offering tutorial sessions and/or photoshoot expeditions in Laurel Mountain Borough or thereabouts. However, in the line of help with camera, I am first. The rest of you can fight for the front of the line in the dating game…

    Comment by beanerywriters — October 21, 2008 @ 2:09 am | Reply

  7. hmmmm “I just got out of a bad relationship.” I wonder how many just got out off a good relationship?

    Comment by Dmitri — September 19, 2009 @ 6:44 pm | Reply

  8. […] “DATING WHEN FIFTY-SOME:” A Guy’s Version […]

    Pingback by THE SPECTACULAR PENOBSCOT RIVER A Natural Wonder in Maine: Part 1 « Carolyncholland's Weblog — March 18, 2010 @ 11:45 pm | Reply

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