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July 3, 2008

DAVID Part 6 of a 10 Part Romance Story

Part 6 of a ten-part story, David, by long-distance Beanery Writers Group member Jane. Continuing segments will be posted in the Beanery Online Literary Magazine consecutive Wednesdays.
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Conversation was a little difficult at that point. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. He told me he would show me to my suite in the house, and when I was ready we’d go out to see some things.

My suite? It was more like a wing. And it was full of bags of clothing and anything else I could possibly need. How did he do all this? Where was the life of struggle here? And did I really need a life of struggle?

I laid down on my huge bed and thought for awhile. What was I fighting? And what would the rules have to be for me to be comfortable with all this? My head was spinning from one thing to another. One thing David would have to know is that I had too much pride to be a kept woman. I was sure that was what he expected. After all, we were only dating, and he was throwing the world at my feet. OK. I was resolved. The shock of all this was fading, I was getting my backbone back, and it was a beautiful warm day outside. I was not going to waste it wallowing. And already I missed being in his presence.

I showered and changed my clothes. I primped as quickly as I could and went back out into the hallways. I had no idea where I was or where he was, so I started yelling. It was definitely unprincess like…hog calling!

He came around a corner and with a big grin on his face signed: “Let’s go, you heathen of my dreams!”

We went to the garages and got into another SUV, the one he kept here.

“Where are we going? Will there be a sedan chair waiting for us?”

He smiled and signed “To my boat, The Dreamweaver.”

By now I knew better than to think it was a rowboat or canoe…but when we got there I saw the most beautiful yacht, glistening in the sun. The name Dreamweaver on the back and side with shining silver stars intertwined in the letters. “Just enjoy the day, Janie. No negative thoughts or fear.” I thought.

“Look around, make yourself comfortable, I have some work to do.” he signed.
I was walking around, exploring all the places beautifully appointed in mahogany and brass. I found the galley. Not a lot there, but enough to put together a great meal. Steak, salad fixings, potatoes, condiments. And a wonderful selection of wine.

I went back up in the sun and watched David. How masterful he was handling all the things necessary to get us under sail. I don’t know what I looked at more, the ocean, or him. How strong and nimble he was, in spite of his handicaps. I was lulled into peace.
After quite awhile David came and sat near me. I had filled a cooler with ice, soda and water. He drank and we sat silently. Eventually I asked him where we were going.
He took out another pad and wrote: “By nightfall we will be well away from land, and will spend the night under the naked stars. God and I want to give that to you.”

We talked once in awhile about the hopes and dreams of our youth. There were so many! Some silly, and some we still longed for. The afternoon went by too quickly. As it started growing dark I told him that I would get dinner cooking. While I did he set up beautiful crystal and china place settings, fixed the lighting just so and put on Celtic music that he had reluctantly begun to like for my sake.

When we sat to eat I had a difficult time. I looked at him and could feel my heart stretching and growing with love for this man. At the moment that was all that mattered. Sometimes my eyes misted, and David fidgeted. He pushed his food around. After awhile, he signed to me “Close your eyes and give me your hands.”

I did this, and he placed my hands so they were on top of his. He signed again, slowly, so I could feel every heartbeat of his that went into it.

“Will you marry me?”

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