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June 26, 2008

DAVID Part 5 of a 10 Part Romance Story

Part 5 of a ten-part story, David, by long-distance Beanery Writers Group member Jane. Continuing segments will be posted in the Beanery Online Literary Magazine consecutive Wednesdays.
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For the next few days I begged off seeing David. I was upset, sad. Any other negative mood you can think of I was wallowing in. On the third day, when I returned from work, he was waiting on my doorstep. “I’m sorry,” he signed.

We went inside and he asked me what he was sorry for. I had to tell him. “I don’t think I can see you anymore, David.”

There, I had bluntly stated it.

“Is it because of how I look?” he quickly signed.

“Oh no, David!” I was crying now and quietly added: “You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen.”

He pulled out a pad of paper and wrote: If you are going to resign your position as the most cherished woman on earth you need to do it for ALL the reasons. Can you get two days vacation time?

I said that I could. He signed “Good. Get Friday and Monday off. I will pick you up at 6:00 a.m. Friday.”

I asked him what I should bring and he signed “Nothing. We’ll shop for what you need.”

I didn’t see him or hear from him until Friday morning. It was the longest wait of my life, and I had sunk deeper into depression. It didn’t feel good knowing I would never be good enough for his world. I was a working girl, not a jet setter. If only he had been “Just David”, and not this larger than life person, living in another world.

He picked me up at the appointed time. It was snowy out and still almost dark, but the cold air felt good for a change. When we got into his SUV I asked him where we were going.

“To the airport.” he signed.

I shouldn’t have been surprised—just one more indication that our worlds were so different. “Where are we flying?” I asked him. After a moment, he smiled and signed “Sanibel Island.”

We sat in first class seats in the plane and he handed me a small carry on bag. I opened it and it contained every possible toiletry I would ever need, a pair of shorts, a tank top and a pair of sandals. He took out his pad of paper and wrote: “You’ll have to change when we land. It will be much too warm for those winter clothes.” Then he quickly took the pad back and added: “It would probably be better if we didn’t talk about anything until we get there.”

I tried to fall asleep on the plane. I hate how boring plane rides are. Sometimes sleeping made the trips better. I did eventually sleep, and woke with my head against his chest. I sat up and saw a worried look on his face as we landed.

We left the airport and there was a hired car waiting for us. “Of course” I thought, and sank deeper into depression. I slept again in the car. My legs curled up and my head on his lap. It felt as though I had just gone under when he was shaking me awake. I sat up and looked around me at another palace, smaller than the first, but older and more beautiful, with the ocean shining just beyond it.

“This is the summer home,” he signed. “Please come inside.”

He did not let me look around, but instead lead me to the closest room. A large sitting room it looked like, done in the colors of the sea—white and soft blues and greens. He took my hand and led me to the closest couch. It faced tall leaded glass windows with a view of the ocean outside. He sat and turned me towards him. “Pay careful attention” he signed, “Did you fall in love with me for my money?” I smiled and said “No! I loved you before you had money!!”

“Then why are you falling out of love with me because of it?” He then took up the pad again.

This is what he wrote: ” I am known by many people, and by many, many gold diggers. They are entertaining, but they have no quality to them. I looked for not only quality, but genuine love for me. For humor and for dignity. For grace and for beauty. I found so much more than I was looking for in you. I found the goodness in myself in your eyes. I was born with this golden spoon in my mouth, and I’ve turned it into platinum. If it makes me something so horrible in your eyes, I will throw it all away. You are here with me for four days. Live in my world, and if it is something so evil and horrible that it could make you fall out of love with me, then I will have no choice but to let you go whichever way you want to go. We will have to get past this one way or another now. But keep in mind, Janie, that I can still see the truth in your eyes.”

When I finished reading all that, he was pacing in front of the windows. I spoke quietly.

“All right David. But remember, no matter what, I will always love you.”    To continue reading David click on: DAVID Part 6 of a 10 Part Romance Story

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