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June 19, 2008

DAVID Part 4 of a 10 Part Romance Story

Part 4 of a ten-part story, David, by long-distance Beanery Writers Group member Jane. Continuing segments will be posted in the Beanery Online Literary Magazine consecutive Wednesdays.
 To read previous parts, in the Beanery Online Literary Magazine, click on  DAVID Part 1 of a 10 Part Romance Story & DAVID Part 2 of a 10 Part Romance Story & DAVID Part 3 of a 10 Part Romance Story

This was the beginning of my dating David, and learning about a man with so much strength I was always in awe of him.

I’ll go back now to the explanation of David’s injuries. A year before I met him he was struck by a drunk driver. Part of his skull was crushed, he lost his left eye, his larynx was destroyed and he lost his left leg below the knee. Of all of these, the hardest thing for him to deal with was his inability to speak. By that winter he was determined to be back on skis again.

I learned more and more sign language so that he wouldn’t have to always write things out. When he got excited about something it wasn’t always easy to keep up! He would grab my arm and sign so fast that all I could do was laugh from his excitement. He developed a series of codes for the telephone. And he never once failed to call me every night and “beep in” I love you.

That Christmas we were separated. I went to Maine to have Christmas with my daughter and son-in-law and granddaughters. He had Christmas at home with his family. And he pouted. We E-mailed and talked on messenger. Both of us were unhappy being apart, and the world felt strange to me without him. My daughter listened politely as I told her about David. I knew she was thinking: “He’s just another one.” Meanwhile, we planned to spend New Year’s Eve together at his house. I had never been there before, so it was going to be really interesting to me. I was imagining a bachelor pad type place. Man clean and only with what was necessary in it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong, and it almost caused the end of us.

We made quick plans during the few days that we had before New Year’s Eve, and one day I came home from work to find a huge box on my doorstep. In it was a note. “You would look beautiful in purple. I love you, David.” The box contained the most beautiful deep purple velvet gown I have ever seen. I ran in the house to try it on. There, in the bottom of the box was another small box, containing a pearl necklace and a pair of pearl earrings. “I’ll be thinking about what I can do with these pearls,” the note said. I laughed, and quickly tried on the gown. I felt like a princess!! I danced around the room, and you would never know that I wasn’t 20 years old from the way I was acting. In front of a mirror I tried pulling my hair in different directions, seeing what would look best.

The awaited evening came, and David picked me up at 8:00. How handsome he looked, this tall man in a tuxedo! He took my breath away. He picked me up and spun me around, and though I was slightly concerned about the prosthesis, I laughed right down to my soul. How perfect this moment was. How often I relive it.

We drove to his house listening to Christmas music, and I was so happy, and so in love. When we pulled down a road, or what I thought was a road, I was shocked to find that it was his driveway. Ahead of me loomed the most glorious mansion I had ever seen, and I just know the horror showed on my face. David was grinning, and he never noticed my discomfort. I know he was so proud of the surprise he was presenting me with. He came around, opened my door and bowed to me. He took my hand and led me up the walk to the door. On the short walk there I blinked back tears.

“Oh David”, I thought, “why didn’t you tell me. I could never be equal to something like this.” I walked into the house, full of his family, and gracefully accepted introductions. I smiled and talked, danced and laughed, all the time knowing this would probably be the end of us.   To continue reading David click on: DAVID Part 5 of a 10 Part Romance Story

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