Beanery Online Literary Magazine

June 7, 2008


Poet and Peacemaker, Mattie J.T. Stepanek began writing at age three. Author of a five- volume Heartsongs collection, 13-year-old Mattie died June 2004 from a rare neuromuscular disease that resulted from his Muscular Dystrophy. 

Mattie’s heart-felt writings reached a global audience, including M. D. patients and many well-known celebrities.  He joined President Jimmy Carter as a champion of peace and prayer. Gifted and brilliant, Mattie will long be remembered for his outgoing, optimistic personality and his rare ability to write well on a variety of subjects.

I wrote the poem TO MATTIE to honor Mattie’s short, productive life.             


— written by Kathleen Clark    6-15-03


            So young to be so prolific


                        . . .above and beyond terrific!


            Such a beautiful (more…)