Beanery Online Literary Magazine

May 20, 2008


—written by Kathleen

There’s always going to be pain

                        something quirky and insane

                                    about life.

Halfway through yesterday

I found myself flying head first into tomorrow,

            trying to outdistance the sorrow.

            There’s scant time to mourn

            the irony, the craziness, the regret of past mistakes

            when life is sadly short of breath

and unfulfilled dreams.


            Just an ordinary person, I’m screwed beyond measure,

                        by the very genre that brings pleasure.

I’ve found innate release in writing

clandestinely about important things.  

My open-heart, honest-to-a-fault style

isn’t always guaranteed-to-please.

            While speaking the truth, concerning various bittersweet events,

I’ve never meant to intentionally hurt anyone.     


Invisible splinters imbed themselves,

burrow beneath my psyche. 

Torqued misunderstanding results,

fiery fallout, emotional outbursts

Cyclops  vision

            emanates from the subject at large.

Silence is stretched taut

accompanied by calculated calm. . .           


            Survival is a spider-web




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