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May 15, 2008


When the Beanery Writers Group voted to create a booklet of writings on the Ligonier area for its 250th anniversary this year, the members knew we lacked the funds for printing it. Most of the writings are in and done, but the problem remained.

Suddenly, I received a phone call. Jane asked, “Do you want some Beanie Babies?”

Huh? Now, what was I to do with a large collection of mint-condition, tags-on Beanie Babies when I’m trying my best to de-clutter my house? Then, a light bulb clicked and I thought, perhaps the Beanery Writers Group could use them for a fund-raising project. So Jane and her husband packed them up and they landed on my doorstep shortly thereafter!

One-hundred thirty-five or so Ty stuffed animals. I shared the gift with another writers group the day I heard about it, and one creative writer noted that it was the perfect fundraiser for our particular group. Beanery Writers. Beanie Babies. I never would have considered that!

Lois volunteered to help list the animals, but it took a while longer than I anticipated. She had a great time checking them all out. And although most of the members were skeptical and reluctant to actually market the Beanies, they agreed to use them for a fundraiser.

We used the Beanies as a prompt for our meeting. So meet the following Beanie Babies:

PAUL: “Here’s another clue for you all,
The walrus was Paul.”

What Beatles song includes this lyric: What is your favorite Beatles song and why? What is your favorite song, and why? —Lois Photo:

JABBER and WHISPER: Lois and I were sorting out the Beanie Babies when she called out the name on her bear’s tag: WHISPER. I laughed. Guess what? I asked her. I’m holding JABBER. Now, you have to understand: Lois is somewhat quieter than I, who jabbers anywhere I go. It seemed appropriate that we each picked the correct bear! —Carolyn Photo:

PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL 2005: Does he have a mate, a Mrs. Phil or Phylis? Punxy Phil looks so lonely waiting for his significant other to join him. Perhaps we might discover Beany Baby Phils all throughout Punxy. Would they wear top hats? —Gail Photo:

BLUEBEARY (just TY): “I’m not going to kick up daisies—I’m going to kick up blueberries!” This I was told by a woman, a distant relative, in her late 80s. She knew where she was going to be buried—in the cemetery in Lamoine, Maine, behind the former Baptist church that was now the headquarters for the Lamoine Historical Society.
It was my next visit to Maine that I understood completely what this woman who took a recent trip down the Ganghis River meant. My niece and her two children, who live in Maine, visited the cemetery with me. It was glorious weather, late August. We were looking at ancestral stones, including that of Louis des Isles, who died in France but has an honorary stone in Lamoine, where he married Mary Googins and had eight children.
However, it was the blueberries that became the attraction. The youngsters and I, as well as my niece and husband, feasted to our heart’s content on the wild blueberries growing throughout the cemetery. And we have to believe they were especially tasty, since they were “kicked up” by our ancestors!
Gladys Vigent is now kicking up her blueberries. This feisty woman probably has the best-tasting fruit of any other person resting in there with her. And so this is what BLUEBEARY brought to my mind.  —written by Carolyn Photo:

ALL THE BEANIE BEARS: I live for hugs! I can fit onto a backpack, pocket or purse. I love to sit on a pillow while a friend is doing homework or sleeping. I want to be a friend and will give my love to anyone who grabs me up! Photo:

Additional photos:

NOTE; If any readers are interested in reviewing our collection, or in adopting one of the above, please E-mail the Beanery Writers at with the words “BEANIE BABIES” in the subject line.

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