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May 11, 2008


—written by jordan, age 9

If my Mom were

—a flower she would be a sunflower, because it’s her favorite flower

—a vegetable she would be corn because it’s my favorite kind of vegetable

—a soup she would be wedding soup, because it’s my favorite kind of soup

—a nut she would be a peanut, so I could have a pet elephant

—a color, she would be green, because she likes green

—an animal, she would be a chocolate lab, because I like chocolate

—a fish she would be a dolphin, so I could swim with her

—an insect she would be a ladybug, so she could fly.

—a bird she would be a white dove, because they are pretty

—a gem she would be a diamond, because they are cool and you can get rich on them

—a piece of clothing she would be a shoe, and I don’t have a reason

—an instrument she would be a guitar because me and my dad like guitars

—a toy she would be a Build-a-Bear so I could sleep with her

—a tree she would be a walnut tree, because we live on Walnut Rd.

—a house she would be a mansion, so I’d have lots of space and lots of room if I had a sister

—a road she would be a superhighway so we could go really fast

—a sky-body she would be a planet so I could live on her

—a piece of furniture she would be a bed, because it’s comfy

—a piece of silverware she would be a spoon, because I eat my soup with a spoon

If I were to write about Mom I’d title

—a book, Moms Are Special

—a poem, You Love Me, I Love You

If I could say anything I wanted to, to my Mom, it would be:


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  1. Jordan – what a lovely poem, thoughtful and heartfelt from a child’s point of view. Did you give this to your mom on Mother’s Day? I bet she really appreciated it. And you write pretty well for your age. Keep it up! You can see all my writings on this site by clicking on my name.

    Comment by Kathleen Clark — May 11, 2008 @ 5:01 pm | Reply

  2. thanks kathleen for the comment i thank you for likeing my poem sincerly jordan smith age 10

    Comment by beanerywriters — June 5, 2008 @ 1:32 am | Reply

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