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May 8, 2008



We’re told one in four adults didn’t read a single book last year as if this is a shockingly low number, but I’m impressed that three in four did read a book. And why fuss over books? A lot of the books read are trash. (The linked article says the top picks were religion and popular fiction.) And plenty of serious reading doesn’t come in book form. —Ann Althouse ( from Tribune Review, Best of the Blogs, 26 Aug. 2007

For a different perspective, read the following post written by Beanery Writers Group member, Kathleen…

Mmmm!  Mmmm!  Sweet!  Satisfying!  Stimulating!  Nothing is enticing as a can’t-put-down book that keeps me riveted to the seat.  It promises to deliver life’s essentials: free therapy, (more…)