Beanery Online Literary Magazine

May 6, 2008


—written by Robert A. Woodall

You left me here in love, now I must find
Some solace in bereavement, heaven sent
To wash away the pain that grips my mind
And shrouds my heart in doubt. My strength is spent.
Can I, in faith, yet glorify His ways?

Your lifeless hand would touch away my tears
If ashen lips could tell the mind of death.
For peace of victory sought across the years
Claims now the joy proclaimed by silent breath
Of Alleluia’s faithful yesterdays.

Come fleeting spirit, rest upon my heart,
That in some future time we both may see
That part of heaven God has set apart
To hold our soul throughout eternity
And taste the loving joy of constant praise!

Let tears of disappointment turn to joy,
And put the mark of peace upon my brow,
That Love shall overcome satanic ploy
And tell the mournful “Christ is in me now,”
With light to burn away this deathly haze.

Will friends who see me smiling understand
That we know how to bridge this mortal strife
And live according to what God has planned,
And let the blessing of eternal life
Tell separation’s just a transient phase?

The will, for I shall witness praise to Thee
And tell them, though I’m sorry you are gone,
I’m happy knowing that your soul is free
To tell the angels I shall carry on
With love of God to keep my heart ablaze.

I give your broken body to the earth
And rise to meet the future on my own
In thanks that God has shown my heart rebirth,
With gentle comfort, knowing, not alone,
That love will solve life’s yet mysterious maze.

Then turn to greet your friends and mine in peace,
And comfort those who do not comprehend
That death can make our love of God increase.
A new beginning follows every end,
And now, with Him, this is your day of days!

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