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May 3, 2008


At one of the initial meetings of the Beanery Writers Group, the prompt “THE TIME IS NOW,” was used. Below are the results from that exercise.

Pat wrote: The time is now to start writing. With that first burst of cool air, my energy returns in full. No excuses. Clean out those files. Discard useless clutter. Organize those delicate clips in a scrapbook. Start rewriting and sending out to different magazines. No more diversions–coffee breaks, pencil sharpening, petting the cat, scrubbing the floor. Sit in that chair and write, now!

Regina wrote: Hello. I needed a few moments to catch my muse and I thought this prompt would work well. I enjoy free writing abstract prose to loosen me up before writing a long paper for college. Thank you for inviting me.

The time is now to move forward into the unknown: to drink from the cup, which has been waiting to tip itself to you. Take the risk and fall deeply into the unknown where the divine meets with the world. The time is now to take up anchor and sail as the winds are blowing. Although the sea holds sharks and waves that may tower over you, beyond the risk lays dolphins, waves, and islands waiting to be explored. The time is now to climb the oak tree you planted as a young woman. The limbs are strong enough to hold you and your dream. Begin now. The tree has matured. The time is now to find the treasure: the treasure buried that should have been used. Open the chest and allow the gold within to shine. Share the treasure and watch it multiply. The time is now to know all that was good is still, but the children have changed. Move forward knowing others will follow: their treasure was buried too. Shine your gold upon them and allow them to shine. Each piece of gold will illuminate in to the hands of another. You may not know who possesses the gold, but you will know it has been spent. The time is now to embrace the silence and ask the questions. The questions will lead you on your quest. The journey will be filled with uncertainty and adversity, the changes will occur rapidly and slowly, but the change will come. Embrace it now. The time is now to journey onto the pages, into time, away from time, and beyond time. The Time is Now…

Carolyn wrote: The time is now…to overcome arachnophobia! Not because Halloween is coming with its myriad of spider decorations, but because I had a special guest this month. Rachney, as I dubbed this orb spider, presented me with a museum-style display of her life when she wove her web outside a window by my desk. I could safely watch her during her sojourn here as I did my paperwork.

At first the large yellow-marked black spider seemed intimidating, but after researching her on the I-net I discovered she’s a common garden spider who likes sunny spots on small shrubbery. Her globe-like body is much larger than her male counterpart’s build, and she has a small red spot on her lower belly whence comes the threads used to spin her web. Rachney’s legs have three rather than the typical two claws, which helps her spin the intricate webs that catch her food. Her venom is deadly to the prey unfortunate enough to become enmeshed among the fine threads of her web. It’s not poisonous to humans.

She usually was in the center of her web, belly-side to the outside world, while on exhibit. Her artistic body faced inside.

She rarely moved in the daytime. If I dared turn a light on her at night, I’d catch her roaming about her web, the center of which had a streak of thick-woven threads called a stabilimentum.

I didn’t realize how attached I’d become to Rachney until I returned home one afternoon and found her gone. I considered she’d been prey for a bigger creature, but her web was not disturbed. The spider with a lifespan just over a year must have wandered away, frustrated with the lack of sunshine.

I’d not want to confront her outside the glass window, even though her bite is merely painful. But I truly enjoyed her stay and managed not to shudder too much while viewing spiders on the I-net during my investigation.

For those of you who know me, I took the expected photos of Rachney, for your viewing pleasure. Click —that is, unless you are arachnophobic!

Joe wrote: The Time is Now…to put our faith back in God. As we stand beside Lady Liberty, to remember peace is what she stands for.

Our eyes are set upon Old Glory as she flies high above fields of green and the bloody battlefields.

The time is now to teach our children to dream of a better tomorrow, one where eagles will fly free into the wild horizon of our lives.

In some cultures there is a belief that there is nothing but Now. The past is gone; the future does not exist. We, in this culture, seem to concentrate on either or both the past and the future and ignore the present or, in some cases, relegate it to an annoyance or something we wish we could avoid.

But why do we consider the present to be less valuable than the past or the future?

The chief value of the past is a source for lessons learned. But do we really learn these lessons and, if we do, what is the value of reliving them or dwelling on them?

The future, we believe, should be planned for but how many of our plans actually come to fruition? Frequently, the future brings to us changes that we have not conceived as being possible, let alone probable.

The only thing we have as a certainty is the present. The time is Now. In reality there is nothing else.

The Beanery Writers invite you to submit YOUR prompt titled: THE TIME IS NOW… Post your response in the comment box or E-mail to with the words “THE TIME IS NOW” in the subject line.

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