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March 6, 2008


—written by geoffrey m. miller
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When Geoffrey Miller submitted this item, the first part of the first sentence of the post below caught my eye: Once upon a time, there was a theoretical physicist…Those who know me from another life know my now-pastoral spouse was a physics professor when I married him. I often asked myself why I married a physics person. Perhaps geof’s post will help you understand why I ask that question! Carolyn

Once upon a time, there was a theoretical physicist who was gazing through the eyepiece of a Super Magnatron X-2000 microscope at the surface of a piece of paper. At such high magnification, the fibers of the paper looked like a tangle of gigantic carpet rolls. Those near the top were spattered with thick blue slime, where someone had put a dot of ink over an “i”.

“What does it all mean?” the physicist wondered.

At that moment, his wife snatched (more…)