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February 28, 2008


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—written by Joe F. Stierheim

All was ready. Only a few bytes of information were left to be downloaded into the data chip and he would be on his way. He was looking forward to leaving this distasteful planet. Why the Masters had decided that it was worth invading was beyond him, but it was not for him to question the judgment of the Masters.

He smiled at the prospect of being beamed up to the craft that would take him to the mother ship. It would be with such pleasure that he would present to the Council the information that he had amassed, information necessary for the formulation of invasion plans. It had been collected in record time – much faster than even the agents of the Masters’ kind would have been able to accomplish the task. Finally his kind, the latest and most advanced model of the series, would be recognized as the ultimate in perfection that it was and would be treated with the respect that it deserved. What a triumph it would be for his kind!

Now it was only necessary to use the earth vehicle, the automobile, to travel to the assigned coordinates in the desert. He had completed the time calculation of the rendezvous precisely; he would arrive exactly at the designated moment. He eased himself into the driver’s seat, shut the door and inserted the key into the ignition, envisioning the glory that would come to him and his kind. He turned the key. There was a brief growl and then silence. He quickly repeated the starting sequence once, twice, three times. There were only disappointing and sterile clicks.

“Damn machine!” he said.


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