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February 21, 2008


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Below is a review of discussion material for the February 22, 2008, Beanery Writers Group meeting. We invite your comments below.

Are you allowed to exaggerate, misinterpret or even lie in order to make a story “good?”

Lee Horselogger ( said he is happy when a writer presents his story 80% accurately. I’ll assume that the 20% error he allows covers natural and/or careless mistakes reporters tend to make.

In the book The Thirteenth Tale, the main character asks: Don’t you think one can tell the truth much better with a story? A good story is always (more…)


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A pause before entering.
The smells of wood wafting the air and rising,
As eyes gazing upwards to the open emptiness.
Energies contracting and expanding.
Breathing rhythmically.
A place of sensation.
A space to vision visions and dream dreams.
A portal to another world.The art of wood sculpting comes alive.


(to read the rest of this poem click on THE WOOD SHOP )