Beanery Online Literary Magazine

February 20, 2008


—written by Robert A. Woodall

Is heaven some small planet spanning
fifteen hundred miles,
With gems the keystones of its gates,
embracing golden aisles?
Where souls as shafts of laser light
illuminate the throne
And total majesty through filmy
scrims of love is shown?

Does time have any meaning there,
eternity compressed
Into some finite spirit space
the hand of God has blessed?
What did He mean that this as well
as earth shall pass away,
And yet His Word will survive?
what is the word we hear today?

The thought of life forever
once His glory has been shown
Seems meaningless, for timeless void
no dream has ever known.
When play has passed and final scene
shows knowledge so sublime,
Perhaps we live forever
in an instant of our time.

Perhaps it is the truth we seek,
and it evades us well;
For quest requires time and space
no other way to tell
What mysteries we’ll discover
as we pass along the way
Yet final knowledge He reserves
until our judgment day.

If knowing’s like a Polaroid
that’s etched upon the mind,
An instant panorama
of all truth of every kind,
Is this not heaven shown to us,
according to His grace,
Within the final limits of
a mortal time and space?

Yet surely we have seen
the Resurrection of His Son,
And listened to His word in faith
describe that life goes on.
We must believe He’ll come again
in glory, and He’ll save
A thousand years of peace to mark
the victory o’er the grave.

The clouds of time hand heavy
on the minds of young and old,
Protecting untold glory
that the eye shall not behold.
But knowledge of His presence there
and here and now can say
The truth that lies beyond the cloud
is ours some timeless day.


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