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February 15, 2008


Morality in writing was the topic discussed at a recent Beanery Writers Group meeting.

The sources used for the discussion came from a sermon I presented at the Exeter (N.H.) United Methodist Church, the book The Best Writing on Writing edited by Jack Heffron, and a newspaper article about the Amish school shootings (click on JOURNALISM QUESTION).

While reviewing notes from a trip I took to New England, I read a section in the book on the same issue, which encouraged me to share the ideas with our writing group.

The N.H. pastor said one shouldn’t lie or add to a story, (more…)


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While reading back newspapers on my return home from vacation I read an article about the shootings of the Amish schoolchildren in their eastern Pennsylvania schoolhouse.

The following paragraph came from the October 6 article:

As the caskets passed the church, journalists were asked to take pictures only of the sides or backs of those in the procession.

Just above this paragraph was a close-up picture of an older Amish couple in their horse-drawn buggy. The picture measured 7 7/8 by 4 1/2 inches. (more…)