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February 13, 2008


—written by Carolyn C. Holland

My sister, Lee, called me this morning to tell me about the bitter icy weather Buffalo was experiencing, and that they were expecting yet more snow and ice.

Then she asked me if I had said “Happy Birthday” to our mother, Nancy Isabelle Briskay Cornell Lipsius (February 22, 1922 to January 3, 1998). Lee told me she had done so while out in the car this morning.

I hadn’t done so yet, but I had thought about calling Lee and sharing memories with her. We ended the call with my statement that I would call her back, and talk to her over a cup of tea I would drink from a cup decorated with violets. (To continue reading click on A MOTHER’S FINAL RETALIATION )


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—written by Emily

Spectacular sunsets rise and fall

suspending surreal contentment

Unable to hear distraction’s call

or feel the slightest resentment


I close my eyes and face the wind

(click on MY HAPPY PLACE  to read the rest of this poem) (more…)