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February 10, 2008

DAVID PAGE: Notes from St. David’s Writer’s Conference

—presented by Carolyn C. Holland

Below are snippets of notes taken during David Page’s keynote address and two workshops at the April 2007 St. David’s Christian Writers one-day conference—not meant to be a complete, full writing.

Throughout his life, successful writer David Page overcame three major “handicaps.”

First, English was his second language.

Second, as a child, he was dyslexic. Only through an understanding teacher did he learn to read at age nine. Prior to that he adapted by learning to “listen well.”
Third, eleven years ago he had a stroke, which was supposed to leave him a virtual vegetable.

In each of these experiences he saw the positive. (to read the rest of this article click on  DAVID PAGE: Notes from St. David’s Writer’s Conference ) (more…)