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January 26, 2008


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—written by Kathleen Clark 1-01-08

Milky-white, ghostly skies, branches tossing fitful in the wind,
waiting for the promised onslaught to begin. . .
Snow globe flakes drifting, swirling, drifting,
the scenery enhanced by their lazy dance.
Birds struggle to survive the bitter cold,
nestle at night beneath the eaves
or seek shelter in barns and sheds.
What makes them stay, when warmth is a flight away?
Flocking to the porch, possessively jostling one another,
they feast on seeds, small compensation for summer’s bounty.
Stretched beyond endurance,
the stark season shivers outside the window.

Children kept home from school play in the snow,
sled down hills, cheeks rosy from the chill.
Neighbor dogs bark at their antics, nip at their heels.
Winter crisply snaps and crackles;
residents shovel driveways, sweep cars,
pile logs in the wood burner,
in a never ending effort to outwit the storm.
Old man winter laughs and smiles
He’ll be hanging round for a while!
Hands warmed by steaming mug of cappuccino,
snuggled in bathrobe and slippers I watch
swirling flakes erupt in a frenzied blizzard;
the wind dancing, shaking snow
into whipped cream drifts.
Oblivious to human existence,
the stark season shivers outside the window.


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