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January 23, 2008


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—written by robert a. woodall

A natural law and order marks
the science that we know,
And that’s the way things are, perhaps,
because God made it so.
Sometimes seemingly imperfect,
it’s so hard to understand
How God, in all His mercy,
can let fate play out its hand.

Perhaps He works according to
some rules He hasn’t shown.
The perfect fullness of His plan
to us just isn’t known.
And Scriptural history tells us sure
that time and time again
He’s interfered with nature’s law
and changed what might have been.

But if in His perfect wisdom
God wrote the natural law,
Would He violate its precepts,
is it what we think we saw?
Does some sort of mass hypnosis
rule our minds by heart’s intent?
Does what we saw by faith
go down in history as event?

Of miracles we have to say
they seem to happen, yet,
No lasting proof or failure
shall the mind of man beget.
But if it serves His purpose
should we not believe the Word,
And let the Holy Spirit
in our mortal lives be heard?

Perhaps it’s that these happenings
are of the world we see,
And faith transcends to world beyond
what happens naturally.
And there the rules may differ,
could it be there’s none at all?—
Obedience of free soul alone
our Father’s only call.

Science teaches by experience
that there are times we must,
Without full knowledge, choose what works,
results alone to trust.
So scientist let love and trust
precede results and see
The happenings that come about
through Christianity.

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