Beanery Online Literary Magazine

January 4, 2008


A note to the old faithful and welcome new Beanery Online Literary Magazine readers:

As leader of the Beanery Writers Group and manager of this site, I apologize for the lack of posts since Christmas, when “old man flu” hit my body.

Then, on January 2, 2007, word came that my nephew died, a victim of…suicide…following a deep depression and a doctor’s sloughing off his complaints of a sore back and shoulder. He was only 38 years old!

The autopsy showed that my nephew had such a severe case of hardening of the arteries that  he was a walking time bomb for a fatal eruption. Furthermore, information is coming that heart disease and hardening of the arteries can produce depression.

I intend to research the relationship of cardiac disease and depression. Watch for a future post on the subject. Meanwhile, if any of you have anecdotal stories or evidence of this connection, please E-mail Carolyn at, with the terms “suicide” or “heart disease” in the address line.

The Beanery Online Literary Magazine will return to its regular posts by January 15, when I am returned home and reoriented to a more regular schedule—and hopefully over this flu bug! Thank you for your patience!