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December 3, 2007


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December 7, 5:30 pm was set for the Christmas party which Mustang Sally so graciously offered to host. She will E-mail directions to members, who can bring salads, desserts or veggies. It was suggested to invite Tim and Ami, active members of the Foot Hills Writers Group.

The booklets were distributed, and Carolyn explained that there was a challenge because she was unaware that it needed to be in PDF format. However, she and Monte (her husband) worked it out with Kinko’s, where it was printed. They were very cooperative. Everyone seemed satisfied with the final product, but Pat’s last name was misspelled (consistently, at least), with the omission of a letter, E, and that she prefers Patricia.
After a lively discussion, it was voted that contributors would be given one free copy, when they attend a meeting, and that contributors would purchase booklets FOR THEIR PERSONAL USE at slightly above cost. Also passing a vote was to create income by “passing the hat,” should doing sales this way not produce income enough to repay the loan for the printing (which is doubtful) or to pay for the next “production,” It was noted that booklets put out on consignment would produce less income also, considering that any business marketing them would deserve a percentage.
Inserts for the booklets (Christmas, Valentine’s day, get well, birthday etc.) will be designed by members. Bethann will do a Christmas one, Pat has a winter scene to use, and offers were made for get well and birthday. I suggested that the first designs be available next week.

NOTE: Beanery Online Literary Magazine readers wanting to purchase a copy should E-mail and type “booklet Inquiry” in the subject line.
We discussed doing a booklet again in 2008. Members were enthusiastic enough to suggest doing two a year. Carolyn suggested doing one using visitor contributions to the Beanery Online Literary Magazine. Someone suggested doing one for Ligonier’s 250th anniversary next year. Ideas were passed about. Bethann showed interest in doing one on Bethlen Home, since both the home and she have Hungarian association. There was discussion on having a book table for Ligonier Days, perhaps at the Second Chapter Bookstore, and having the two booklets plus any other publications by Beanery Members.
I said if we do the second booklet on Ligonier, we the deadlines need to be submissions in by the first March meeting; editing done by June and printing done in July.
If we do another member-written booklet for next Christmas, there would be a July/September/October deadline. Themes for the second booklet were suggested: uplift; Southwestern Pennsylvania, humor, historical. Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

For photo illustrations, writers can submit their own, or can use some from Carolyn’s file, or ask Joe or Carolyn to take specific photos. This way, we will not have to rely on clip art.
The Beanery Online Literary Magazine is up and running, but has a count of under 30 per day, compared to 250 a day before the original site was sold in September. However, it may be comparing apples and oranges, since we do not know what is counting as “hits.” Visitors to the new site don’t seem to be included if they only enter the site and read the visible readings. Carolyn let members know that submissions are needed.
Copies of comments from the two volumes of the Beanery Online Literary Magazine were shared. Then Mustang Sally tried to share a CD recording of her book, but couldn’t get the technical part working. Joe shared a writing.

The prompt was based on a list of words: broccoli, barnacle, ambassador, carport, grasp, nomenclature, determine, consideration. Members were asked to seek words (no rearranging of letters) within these words, and then to write a sentence, rhyme or paragraph about them. Carolyn’s sentence? The ermine determined he would not let the hunter deter him.

Members were given a list of the twelve days of Christmas items, and were asked to recreate the list and E-mail it to Carolyn.

The next meeting is December 14, same time, same place!

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