Beanery Online Literary Magazine

November 26, 2007


—written by Ed KelemenEd K. is the father of the two Kelemen poetry writers, Stephen and Brendan, previously posted in the Beanery Online Literary Magazine. Tonight’s writing is his first submission to the BEANERY ONLINE LITERARY MAGAZINE  Enjoy!
I kissed my wife good-bye at the airport and assured her that everything would be fine while she and a couple of her school chums spent the weekend enjoying some Broadway Shows.
“Look honey: I know that you and the boys will be bache-ing it; just don’t completely destroy the house while I’m gone.”
“How can you even think that we might make a mess?”
“Because I know you guys.”
End of conversation.
I hurried home, fully expecting a weekend of just us guys doing some man things and enjoying one another’s company. (more…)