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November 17, 2007


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While cleaning my files I discovered I (unsuccessfullyl) submitted articles to magazines as early as the 1980s. Before that I had one article published in my college newspaper. This ultimately led to my starting the Beanery Writers Group with Debbi’s strong encouragement.
My active professional photojournalism began in 1990 with a local newspaper. This expanded to a second newspaper, and occasionally a third. After relocating to a new community in 1995, I began writing for the Greensburg (Pa.) Tribune-Review. I’ve also been published in a national farm journal, a Christian magazine, two devotionals and a county historical magazine. I’ve attended writer’s conferences, and won medals at the St. David’s Christian Conference in Mercer, PA. I’ve been a member of the Ligonier Valley Writers Group and the former Foothills Writers Group.
Currently I’m working on a historical (1785-1845) romance novel that moves from Revolutionary France to Alexandria, Va., Scioto County, Ohio (the Ohio land grants) and ends up in Lamoine, Maine (on Frenchman Bay). Just when I intended to write the novel in 2003 I discovered new material that required research, which I’ve done since then with the aid of others including Fran (on membership list). All this led to my also writing a historical journal article for a competition.
Former member Ed (who just happens to be a distant cousin, we discovered recently) pushes me to “quit researching and start writing!” The research, which altered most of the initial story line, is now complete enough for me to follow his instructions.
The novel has three sections. The sites of the first section go from New England to Ohio to France to Maine. The last two sections are set in Lamoine.
Currently I’m collating all my material and plan a two-prong project. First, the novel. Second, journal/newspaper articles on the main character in the first section of the novel. No articles exist on her, opening the field for publication possibilities.
Personally, I am the mother of three, the grandmother of six, and have moved around a great deal. I’ve worked in the medical field, the human service field, the arts/crafts area and, as you see, the writing field. I’ve also investigated my family genealogy—I’m a staunch New Englander with connections to the founders of southwestern Pennsylvania.


  1. You may be a New Englander but you are also a gift to Pennslvania.

    Comment by Dmitri — October 1, 2009 @ 5:19 am | Reply

  2. Thanks, Dmitri—I think I am gradually adjusting to being a “Westsylvanian.” I think the writing helps me explore this surprising aspect of my genealogy. Want to read more? Check out YOU MEAN THIS NEW ENGLANDER IS A WESTSYLVANIAN? in my site, in the GENEALOGY folder.

    Comment by Carolyn C. Holland — October 2, 2009 @ 2:41 am | Reply

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